The IM FIghter Exclusive Limited Time Offer

We are proud for our work, our products and our sites! And we want to thank our customers, followers, subscribers and visitors of our brand new site with an Exclusive Offer that no one else is doing.

2015 was a great year! We have learned so much, Improved our marketing skills and we have helped people to make their first $ online BUT we plan to make 2016 even better!!!

We want to help even more people succeed and make their first $ online and those who are already making money to help them scale up their business to the next level!

Of course we can’t improve our business if we don’t help our customers & followers!!

That’s why we decided to give an Exclusive 90% OFF for limited time to the best product of the year 2015 and probably for the year 2016 too.

The product called Profit Canvas Pro was launched earlier on November 2015 for just 3 days and sold more than 3,000 copies, something that most of the product on IM niche can’t do even after 1 year!

If you search for the official site then you will realize that the price is $497 for Lifetime account or $67 per month!

But here we are…

… The IM Fighter knows how to fight and we did it for one more time!

We got a SPECIAL Deal for you for just a limited time!

We are going to give you access to Profit Canvas Pro for just $47 One Time Fee, No upsells or extra hidden Fees!

Yes right, You can now officially call us crazy!!!

Why someone want to give away a product which costs $497 for just $47?

Well I think I have already answered this question above! But let me give few answers on some common questions you may have.

Q) Is this legal?

A) Yes it is 100% legal.No extra upsells, or extra hidden fees. We have spent hundreds $$ to be able to get the resellers rights of the Best Product of the Year!

Q) Then why you give it only $47 while you could sell it much higher?

A) First of all, some of you may not believe that product is selling for $497 right now so for those who don’t believe us, check their official site price here: and then you can turn back to keep reading!

Second, it’s true we could give profit canvas much more than $47 and make our investment back, But as we already said above, we want to help even more people succeed on 2016 and grow our business too. We need happy customers and more success stories that will also help us grow our brand!

So now you know everything you need to know about this deal and as always we are honest and we don’t want to hide anything from you! And this is what helped us become who we are and succeed online!

However we can’t keep this offer up forever or at that low price! So if you don’t take action right now then on the next few days you may have to pay $497 to get access or pay much more than $47.

You can Learn more about Profit Canvas Pro and get it only $47 through our link here: The IM Fighter Special Deal

You can see our review about Profit Canvas Pro here:

I have to warn you for the last time!!!

Honestly We don’t know the exact time we will shut down this offer or if we decide to increase price to $67,$97 and so on… But if you click the link above and the price is still $47 then we suggest you grab it without even thinking about it because you are also covered with 30 days money back.

We have set a goal about how many people we will allow to get access for just $47 But we will not tell you the number because we want to give a credit for those who decide to take action fast and grab it at the lowest price! However we will give you a hint and we will tell you when that number of spots are very low!

To Your Success,

Alex Langidis & The IM Fighter Team


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